The CLIMALERT project emerges to provide climate information in a format that prospective users find it easy to understand and/or incorporate into decision-making. Main goal of the project is co-developing innovative tools – web and mobile apps – to predict and mitigate impacts due to extreme climate events, namely drought and floods, by implementing new long-term preparedness plans of actions that may significantly reduce the risks and vulnerabilities to relevant stakeholders for the agriculture and water management sectors.

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Extreme weather and climate events are increasingly happening worldwide due to ongoing climate change. As a consequence…

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Three case studies in different macroclimatic areas will be implemented to face drought and floods under a set of anthropogenic pressures to validate the integrated and transferable transnational alert system: 1) Spain: Algars River basin (Ebro River basin) 2) Portugal: Cávado River basin 3) Germany (Saxonia Anhalts): Saale catchment.

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A multidisciplinary team with experts in climate science (UFZ and IPMA), engineering (UM), social and economical sciences (UFZ), and ecology (UM and ICRA) will closely cooperate with relevant stakeholders (e.g., Farmer Confederations and Environmental Agencies) to co-develop innovative tools (software and Apps) to alert quickly for proper risk management and to predict and mitigate impacts due to extreme climate events.

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